International network of centers
of the latest financial technologies
Our international network of centers is designed to create innovative businesses and modernize traditional enterprises.

Become the first to provide in-demand innovative services that fit the modern financial landscape.
We provide franchise opportunities to open New Financial Technology centers in your country, region and city.
Gain access to the latest technologies and capitalize on the new financial landscape.
Opportunities for cooperation
Opportunities for cooperation
How it's gonna work
Our international network of centers is designed to create innovative businesses and modernize traditional enterprises.

Become the first to provide in-demand innovative services that fit the modern financial landscape.
We provide franchise opportunities to open New Financial Technology centers in your country, region and city.
Gain access to the latest technologies and capitalize on the new financial landscape.
Absolutely all city businesses from large to start-ups will come to the Center
managers of all kinds
all businesses related to the service sector
shopping centers

absolutely everyone needs transformation in the conditions of new standards and reality.

There is absolutely nothing to understand in top technologies nowadays, just information garbage of marketing and hype.

In the center by default explain real trends and professionally implement top technologies and train owners and staff to work with them

How it's gonna work
- Creating virtual assets to participate in modern financial practices
- Creation and management of cryptocurrencies
- Creating Decentralized Organizations
- Packaging of innovative startups
- Interaction with cryptocurrency exchanges
- Tokenization of Real World Objects
- Releasing NFTs with business mechanics
- Creating utilitarian value for your virtual assets in the real world
- Creating augmented reality objects and linking them to cryptocurrencies

Opening Crypto Offices to completely transform traditional businesses to meet the requirements and standards of the new age Industry 4.0.

Training of New Age Managers
(Industry 4.0 Manager)
Learning to work with top financial technologies and tools.

Creation of artificial intelligence and neural networks

Creating an urban bank of all urban virtual assets and cryptocurrencies to create utilitarian value in the urban business landscape

Categories of services provided by the Center for Collaboration of the latest financial technologies and traditional business
AI automation agencies: a new trend in business
AI automation agencies are companies that offer artificial intelligence (AI) based solutions to automate different tasks and processes in business. They work in different niches and industries and help their clients save resources, improve quality, and increase revenue. They don't need a lot of knowledge or investment to get started with AI. They use affordable and simple AI tools and guides. They are also leaders in technological advancement and innovation. They can adapt to trends and challenges in the AI world and offer creative solutions. AI automation agencies have a great potential for growth and profitability as the demand for AI services is increasing. AI automation agencies are the future of business.
Centers for implementation of the latest financial technologies
Emerging financial technology agencies are companies that help their clients adapt to Web3 technologies such as blockchain, tokenization, smart contracts, NFT, cryptocurrencies and virtual assets. They work across niches and industries, offering solutions to transform business models, processes and products, as well as to create, manage and monetize digital assets.
Web3, the next generation of the Internet based on financial technology (FinTech), is changing business and the economy. Web3 offers new opportunities for the financial sector and the creation of virtual economies, but requires specialized knowledge and resources to adapt.
Agencies to implement the latest financial technologies are a new and promising niche in the market that is worth taking a closer look.
Augmented Reality Technology Agency: a new level of interaction with the world
Augmented Reality (XR) technologies are opening up new possibilities for learning, entertainment, communication and business. XR agencies help clients select, customize and use equipment, create unique content and stay at the forefront of innovation. XR is the future of interacting with the world, and agencies play a key role in that process.
Content Factory: a promising line of business in the SMM sphere
In this situation, content factories come to the rescue. These are places where you can rent everything you need to create quality and effective content for different platforms and purposes. Content mills operate in different niches and industries such as blogging, vlogging, podcasting, training, entertainment, advertising and others. They offer different content services to their clients, from consultation and planning to filming and post-production

SMM is social media marketing, i.e. promotion of a brand, product or service on social networks. SMM includes different areas such as content creation, targeted advertising, community outreach, influencer marketing and others. SMM is one of the most popular and effective ways to attract and retain audience, increase brand awareness, promote goods and services, build trust and loyalty. However, SMM requires a lot of time, money and resources that are not always available to ordinary users or companies. In order to fully utilize the potential of SMM, it is necessary to have the right hardware, software, content and support.
Collaboration centers for the latest financial technologies and traditional businesses

Open Crypto Office to completely transform your business to meet the requirements and standards of the new age of Industry 4.0.

Transform yourself into a New Financial Reality Manager or Industry 4.0 Manager by learning how to work with advanced financial technologies and tools.

These are innovative platforms where traditional business and new technologies interact. They represent a bridge between the old and the new world, between centralized and decentralized, between physical and digital.

Collaboration centers of the latest financial technologies and traditional business operate in different industries and spheres, such as finance, real estate, healthcare, education, retail, tourism, energy and others. They offer their clients different services to implement new technologies, from consulting and analysis to development and implementation.
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Offer context
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, is a sequential development, following three previous waves of technological transformation.
The first industrial revolution, at the end of the eighteenth century, marked the transition from manual to machine labor, including the advent of mechanical looms and steam engines.
The second revolution, in the late nineteenth century, was characterized by assembly-line production, power plants, light bulbs, and telephones.
The third, or computer revolution, occurred in the late 20th century, including the invention of transistors, processors, computers, the Internet, and digital cameras.

The present situation is fundamentally different from previous revolutions. For the first time, machines are penetrating the area that defines man - his mind. Able to analyze and make decisions much faster, modern machines are causing existing professions to be redefined. Like previous revolutions, the changing economic landscape will lead to the disappearance of some professions and the emergence of new ones.

As a result of the second and third industrial revolutions, professions such as burlak, coachman, coachman, coachman, chimney sweep, lantern maker and others disappeared.
Together with them, various enterprises and business spheres disappeared.
Today, professions such as radio operator, librarian, letter carrier, cashier, driver and many others are threatened with extinction.
On the other hand, new professions are emerging such as blogger, data wrangler, SCRUM master, UX/UI designer, data scientist, bioinformatician, 3D printing engineer and others.
Amid the discussion of the crisis and mass layoffs, many people overlook the global transformation of the world economy. The key factor in this transformation is the fourth industrial revolution, which is not developing linearly, but rather exponentially. It is important to navigate this dynamic process quickly, as it is shaping new business and employment realities.

This revolution is opening the door to innovation, technological advancement and job creation in areas that until recently seemed impossible or unimportant. The emergence of new occupations and the demise of old ones has become inevitable, and understanding this transformational process will help maximize the opportunities it presents.

It is important to remember that the global transformation of industry and the economy also raises issues of education, training and reskilling. Rapid adaptation to new technologies and market demands becomes critical to successfully navigating these changing conditions.
New technologies
New skills
New opportunities
Creating Synergy:
Education for Modern Business Transformation
In today's dynamic economic environment, against the backdrop of global transformation, training in the latest technologies becomes a key tool for those who seek not only to adapt to change, but also to create collaborations between the latest technologies and traditional business. The era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution calls for mastering not only new skills, but also for developing the ability to combine technological innovation with traditional business models.
Technological Transformation as an Opportunity
Along with the challenges presented by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there are also incredible opportunities to create synergies between emerging technologies and traditional industries. With expertise in machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, you can not only follow the changes, but also actively influence them by forming new types of business collaborations.
Creation of Innovation Partnerships
Education in the latest technologies is becoming a catalyst for creating innovative partnerships between startups, technology companies and traditional enterprises. Understanding technological trends allows business leaders to build effective strategies for joint development, as well as to take advantage of new tools to optimize processes and increase competitiveness.
Integrating the Latest Technologies into Traditional Businesses
Training in emerging technologies opens up opportunities to integrate these innovations into traditional businesses. Recognizing the potential of blockchain to bring transparency to the supply chain, applying machine learning to analyze data and improve efficiency are all becoming a reality for entrepreneurs who have mastered new knowledge.
Education as a Key to Sustainable Development
The modern era requires us not only to prepare for change, but also to actively participate in shaping it. Learning in the latest technologies becomes not just a tool for adaptation, but the key to creating collaborations between traditional and innovative business spheres. Courageous leaders and entrepreneurs who perceive education as a strategic advantage will be the best architects of a future where tradition intertwines with innovation to create sustainable and promising business ecosystems