Community, technology, tradition-
in one Synagogue
We combine the millennia-old values of Judaism with cutting-edge technology to create a unique space where the past and the future come together in harmony.
To preserve and pass on the rich heritage of our people, making it accessible to all. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to share that power with the world.
- To maintain and increase interest in holy Torah knowledge by engaging the younger generation and creating unique educational programs.

- To research and implement advanced technologies to pass on our traditions and knowledge.

- To promote the harmonious coexistence of tradition and innovation.
Our mission
Our goals
We use augmented reality technology, blockchain, artificial intelligence and more to make Judaism accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of religious knowledge or age. We also actively collaborate with halachic authorities to ensure that our technology solutions comply with Jewish law.
There is a story in every detail of our synagogue, and with the help of augmented reality, you can uncover that story. Simply point your smartphone or put on a headset and you will be transported to a virtual world where every wall, every decoration and every object will come to life before your eyes. The virtual objects will contain detailed information about what they represent - be it historical events, religious texts or cultural rituals.
How we do it
Virtual objects and augmented reality
Be part of this unique project that combines tradition and modern technology. Support our commitment to preserving and promoting Jewish cultural heritage.