It follows that Technology is only - in the name of PEACE
Tehillim 34:13–15
Seek Peace - Strive for Peace!
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An appeal to every Jew!
Our grandparents could not even imagine that the Holocaust was possible.
Pay attention to this fact.
Thank you for being with us today!
Fighting anti-Semitism in a new field
Digital fascism
Digital fascism based on the use of the web2 and web3 to spread ideas with maximum social impact
This problem is related to the transition from a vertical information model to a horizontal one.
Previously, information was analyzed and controlled by individual sources, whereas today it is disseminated instantly and uncontrolled.
This creates a real field for manipulation and radicalization, as content can now reach a mass audience without checking for radicalism - with a single button.
What it's come to
Today's global international wave of anti-Semitism caused by digital fascism has created maximum social consequences around the world.

The use of cryptocurrencies to fully develop this problem.

The use of various web2,web3 platforms and artificial intelligence to maximize the acceleration of content and even greater presence on the web

That is, lack of regulation, standardization and codification.
Countering Digital Fascism.
Steps to prevent the spread of radical ideas of anti-Semitism in the online space of web2 and web3.
Combating digital fascism - a problem with global social implications
Fact: The critical shortage of professionals with the necessary expertise and skills to combat anti-Semitism in emerging technologies presents a serious challenge to find real solutions.
Artificial Intelligence as a powerful tool to fight the new generation of digital fascism and anti-Semitism
This initiative is shaping a trend of condemning racial intolerance in the fields of WEB3, Artificial Intelligence, and virtual spaces of Augmented Reality. It includes the codification of accountability practices, setting precedents for adhering to these standards, and policies against anti-Semitism. The creation of a standard, which is currently absent but crucial for sustainable and ethical development of these technologies, is at the core of this effort.
Using cutting-edge augmented reality technology, we memorialize Holocaust Survivors by providing unique interactive experiences for deep understanding and emotional engagement.
Seek Peace - Strive for Peace!
“ - Grandma, why didn't you leave when the Holocaust started?
- Who could have imagined such a thing could happen?”