From theory to practice,
From knowledge to results
An introductory course
Industry 4.0:
Global Transformation in simple language
Our educational programs are a unique opportunity not only to master the theoretical foundations of modern technological transformations, but also to gain a deeper understanding of how these changes interact with traditional areas of business. We offer courses that allow students to understand what transformations have already taken place in the world and, more importantly, how it all works "under the hood." Our programs focus on practical application of knowledge, providing community members with the tools they need to successfully innovate in real-world business scenarios.
In this course, we offer you a fascinating dive into the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where we will explore what global changes Industry 4.0 has brought about

We will dispel the fog of misunderstanding around this concept by providing clear and simple explanations of key trends and technologies. We'll explore how machines learn, how blockchain works, why augmented reality is no longer just an element of sci-fi, and how these innovations are affecting our everyday experience.

No prior knowledge of technology is required - we'll explain everything in plain language. Get ready for an exciting journey into the world of Industry 4.0, where technology is intertwined with everyday life and everyone can be part of this exciting transformation.
Let's unlock the mysteries of the Fourth Industrial Revolution together!
Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution.
In this lesson we will travel back in time to the era when the first industrial revolution was emerging. We will look at what factors and technologies drove changes in society and the economy. We will uncover the secrets of how this fascinating story began and how it led us to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, an era where technology is transforming our world right before our eyes.

What changes have come to our world, but not everyone has felt them yet.
A distant future that has already arrived.
In this tutorial we will focus on the changes that have already come to our world, but many of us have not yet realized the full depth of these transformations. We will look at how Industry 4.0 technologies are affecting the way we live, work and interact with the world around us. We will look back into the distant future, which, in fact, has already become our present.
Basic technologies and how you can already practically apply them in your daily life
In this lesson, we'll break down key innovations such as machine learning, blockchain, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality. But most excitingly, we'll explain how these technologies have already become part of your everyday experience . In Lesson 3, we'll detail how to master and apply these innovations to your daily life so that you're not just keeping up with change, but actively influencing your reality.

In this block, we will focus on the practical skills needed to successfully interact with innovative technologies. The first touch is an important step towards exploring the new world.

This course is designed to prepare you to actively use new technologies in real life. Not only will we teach you how these innovations work, but we'll also give you the opportunity to try them out yourself. Get ready for an exciting dive into the world of WEB3, artificial intelligence and augmented reality!
Entrance to a new world
First Touch:
Practical skills for interacting with new technologies
WEB3 and Cryptocurrencies: Opening the World of Decentralization
/ Why do I need a crypto wallet?
/ How to get your first crypto wallet?
/ Understanding WEB3 and decentralized technologies.
Artificial Intelligence in Everyday Life: Indispensable Assistants
/ How does Artificial Intelligence improve our daily lives?
/ Practical applications of AI in various fields.
/ How to interact with intelligent systems.
Extended Reality: The Next Generation of Information Space
/ What is Extended Reality (XR) and how does it change the perception of information?
/ Practical uses of XR in everyday life and business.
/ How to create your first XR-object.
Create virtual assets to participate in modern financial practices.
Create and manage cryptocurrencies.
Create decentralized organizations
Create innovative startups
Create blockchain startups
Create decentralized communities
Create working communications on the web3.
Create your own reputation on the web3.
Distinguish trends from hype
Distinguish ecosystem projects from local business projects
Recognize pyramid schemes in the sphere of virtual assets and cryptocurrencies
Work with cryptocurrency exchanges
Work with cryptocurrency marketplaces
The latest financial reality in a simple terms
The congregation will teach you:
First and foremost, recognize the new financial reality.
Secondly, to keep up with the industry in your business area.
Thirdly, the opportunity to take a leadership position in your business area.
You're getting it:
The educational module we provide is designed to provide an exectuive level of in-depth understanding of how artificial intelligence can be applied to their business. This module also includes a facilitation phase where we work with you to determine the feasibility of implementing AI, as well as specific application scenarios within corporate business processes and creating innovative products for your company.

Artificial Intelligence: a catalyst for productivity
An introductory course
/ Promting basics
/ Advanced Prompting Techniques
/ AI + Web3: Autonomous Web
/ Autonomous agents: what are they and why do you need them?
/ Creating an autonomous agent with additional training and Internet access
/ Autonomous agent for smart home and BabyAGI
/ Open models and their training
/ LLM pre-learning methods (LoRA)
/ Autonomous agents based on your data
/ Robotic artists and diffusion models
/ How to create no-code AI bots and agents
/ AI for business and corporations
/ Memory in AI
/ AI Eyes: Computer Vision for Business
Who's it good for?
For efficiency seekers and those who want to enrich their lives with practical applications of new technologies.

For innovative Entrepreneurs in search of fresh ideas and solutions for creating products and optimizing business processes.

For progressive Managers and Employees looking for new opportunities to increase the competitive advantage of their companies.

For creative Artists and Artists in search of new tools to expand the horizons of their creativity.