Meta Wailing Wall
Virtual Stones, Real Blessings.
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

A great creation is being accomplished these days, the Meta Wailing Wall Project, a bright place in a virtual abode where each of us will be able to leave our record on a place that has become a shrine to our people, the Wailing Wall. This virtual location will be divided into 10 million sectors tokenized into magnificent NFTs.
"Meta Wailing Wall" is not just a project, it is a bridge between the virtual and the real, between the distant and the near. Here we carry the light of our inner luminary into the holy territory, creating a bridge that transcends distances. Each note is a prayer, each token is everyone's contribution to our collective endeavor.
Each sector is an abode where you can touch your spiritual heritage through your virtual presence. Make your choice of two types of NFT tokens to leave your mark.
Light Tokens: Inexpensive, but great. Allow you to leave a virtual record saved in this location.

Gold Tokens: Slightly more expensive, but priceless. Allows you to not only leave a virtual record, but to put your prayers, hopes and feelings into the real Wailing Wall.
The spiritual essence of the Project
Virtual presence
Two NFT Categories
With incomparable love, even those far from a physical location will be able to leave virtual notes, filling the virtual wall with their prayers and experiences.
Virtual Notes
For those who are unable to visit the Wailing Wall in person, there is a special way - an opportunity to leave their souls on this holy ground through virtual interaction.
Real Notes
Become part of this unique project that combines tradition and modern technology

If you have any questions, suggestions or want to know more about our initiative, don't hesitate to contact us. We are ready to collaborate and serve our values.
The Meta Wailing Wall Project becomes a great testament to our time, where each of us becomes part of an eternal story connected by a chain of prayer, hope and faith.

"The Meta Wailing Wall is not just a virtual place. It is a totem that recreates the connection of our souls, a bridge across space and time. Here, each sector becomes a drop in the majestic ocean of our collective prayers and hopes.
About the Luminous Project Meta Wailing Wall: