Gold Standard

Codifying accountability practices and setting precedents for compliance with the Gold Standard and anti-Semitism policies in the blockchain and virtual asset industry is an important step in ensuring ethical standards and creating a safe and inclusive environment for all participants in the WEB3, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality virtual spaces industries.
Today mankind is on the threshold of a technological revolution in the field of the Internet and the formation of a new world WEB3, new forms of interaction between people from all over the world. We can say that today the foundation of a new world is being laid, a new space that recently existed on its own, and today is rapidly penetrating into the real world.
As you know, web3 was created by enthusiasts and grew on the basis of the doctrine of unity, Internet freedom and anonymity. Now - it is an evolutionary future without borders, censorship and bureaucracy, which promises society privacy, security of personal data, freedom of expression and reducing the burden of censorship, which in turn, for many inadequate users, creates a false sense of impunity in which you can do a lot of irresponsible acts without thinking about the consequences.
The technological revolution we are seeing is indeed opening up new opportunities and shaping a new world of human interaction. However, along with this, there is a risk of misusing these opportunities and violating ethical principles.

It is important to understand that freedom and anonymity, which were the founding principles of the Internet, should not lead to impunity and irresponsible behavior.

The creation of the Gold Standard involves a balance between freedom and responsibility.

This standard includes:

- A set of rules for ethical compliance in the creation and deployment of virtual assets

- A code of conduct for industry participants that defines acceptable behavior and prohibits discrimination, including anti-Semitism and other forms of hatred.

- Mechanisms for prosecuting violations of the standard, including the possibility of license revocation, fines, and other measures.

- Educational programs and initiatives to promote understanding of ethical issues and foster a culture of mutual respect and responsibility.

- Transparent processes and recourse mechanisms to report violations of the standard and receive support.

Establishing and adhering to the Gold Standard in the WEB3, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality virtual spaces industry is an important step to ensure its long-term sustainability and development, and to create an inclusive environment where every participant can feel protected and respected.