Creating the future
respecting the past
The emergence and further development of virtual Crypto Synagogue will also allow to prevent the spread of negative manifestations that may develop in the light of the development of new technologies such as virtual spaces of augmented reality and meta-universes.

Against the background of popularization and spreading of the mentioned technologies, virtual locations of real objects in the virtual environment are expected to appear en masse.

Already today we see attempts to reproduce municipal institutions with functional load in the metaverse.
For example, Seoul is the first city in the world to build a public Metaverse for administrative services.
In this digital space, the city government offers Seoul residents assistance in five areas, including economy, education, taxation, governance, and communication.
Any citizen can interact with an avatar of Mayor Oh Se-hoon. The virtual office of the city's mayor is made just like the real one. Here you can say hello to the mayor, and if you register your opinion about the municipal government in the "suggestion and opinion box," you will receive a response.
This is only the beginning of the popularization of virtual spaces. They will become more and more. Against this background, virtual spaces created by anyone will begin to spread, and we are afraid that spaces imitating synagogue spaces or showing the traditions of the people of Israel with distortions may begin to appear.
These distortions may be introduced either out of ignorance or, even worse, deliberately by sectarians, anti-Semites, or simply sick in the head people in order to pursue their goals.
People around the world already have enough distorted perceptions of the people of Israel.
And that is why we want our virtual synagogue space to become a public example with all possible explanations and subtleties. It will be a place that everyone will know that for reliable information, this is the place to go.

This is not some new form of copyright.
We are not saying that such virtual locations should only be like this and copycat.
If someone wants to copy our space, be my guest. If someone wants to make their own space - no problem, just so that there are no distortions.

Also, bona fide developers will be able to contact us and have their virtual locations validated free of charge and receive a compliance mark, which will tell visitors that everything is done correctly and authentically in that location.
Be part of this unique project that combines tradition and modern technology. Support our commitment to preserving and promoting Jewish cultural heritage.