Educating religious youth in the sciences of the latest financial technologies
We believe and realize that such an option will reassure and delight all parents and attract even more young people to learn our Holy Torah.
Important note:
It used to be that when children or youth went to Synagogue, to learn our Holy Torah, many parents had absolutely pertinent questions for the Rabbis, about how will this help the child make a living?

The Rabbis promised the parents that they would teach their children practical trades such as: cutting meat, writing Torah and mezuzahs, or making circumcisions.

So that this child would be able, by learning Torah, to support himself and his family, Baruch Hashem!
Through the Crypto Synagogue, our community will establish contacts with all Synagogues and congregations around the World so that those children who go to Synagogue and want to connect their lives with our Holy Torah, will receive top training in the field of the Newest Financial Technologies, to get practical management professions of the new times.

We, represented by the Jewish community of the global Crypto ecosystem, together with the leading experts of the world of new technologies, will undertake to teach these children practical professions in new technologies, which will make our children a new age management of high level and they will be able not just to earn, but to earn a lot, better than many, in this dynamically changing World.
Learning, Innovation, Prosperity: The Path to Harmony and Success
Due to the effects of Industry 4.0/industrial revolution, a large number of professions are disappearing every month and these kids will actually have a hundred percent income to support their families

We will also introduce our children directly to patrons and sponsors so that businessmen can find a common language with young people and find religious, honest professionals of the new time. And it will give the children an opportunity to receive help from businessmen, which makes it easier for young people to deal with dozens of issues at once.