Preserving traditions in a world of innovation
We are pleased to welcome you to a unique project that combines thousands of years of Jewish cultural treasures with the latest technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Crypto Synagogue is a place where virtual reality becomes a home for Jewish culture and faith.
To create a virtual Synagogue space where every detail and element reflects the spiritual values and traditions of Jewish culture. By combining Augmented Reality (XR) and applying NFT (non-fungible tokens) technology, we will allow everyone to interact with this unique Synagogue and learn about the cultural and religious aspects of Jewish tradition.
Cultural Heritage Preservation: The Crypto Synagogue will be a center where thousands of years of Jewish cultural traditions and rituals will be preserved and accessible to all.

Promoting tolerance and respect: The project aims to promote understanding and respect for differences in religious beliefs and cultural sensitivities.
Our mission
Why it's important
Preservation of cultural heritage:
Preserving the many thousands of years of Jewish cultural customs and rituals for future generations.

Transparency and participation:
Everyone can contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and be part of the project.

Openness to all:
The Virtual Synagogue is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, age or religion.

Path to the Future:
A project that unites the past and the future, seeking to foster tolerance and respect in the world.

Innovation and Tradition:
Combining many thousands of years of Jewish tradition with cutting-edge technology to create a unique experience.

Support from prominent Rabbis:
Collaboration with religious institutions and Rabbis to ensure halachic compliance.
Key principles
Be part of this unique project that combines tradition and modern technology. Support our commitment to preserving and promoting Jewish cultural heritage.
Crypto Synagogue:
A Bridge between Past and Future