24/6 Jewish communication
Create a platform that erases distance, geography and trust issues
First Decentralized List of Jewish Contacts
Business club through the prism of the latest financial technologies and standards of the new financial reality
Imagine that when you open the contact list on your phone, you type in a country city and your task in that country and you get a list of
of verified Jewish businessmen and managers with ratings and reviews tied to cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
Blockchain technology provides transparency, preventing bogus ratings through unique transactions and a distributed registry.
No default info trash marketing only every reputation detail is confirmed by a validated transaction with an individual number in a distributed registry.
To make it so that you can reach a Jew from any country with one button.
If you are traveling, or have some business in another country, or just need help in solving some issue, every member of the club is available to you.
- Want to contact a Rabbi
- Find distant relatives or old acquaintances
- To get acquainted to create a family
- Ask someone for help in another city or country
- Find new partners
We plan to not only expand your connections with real contacts, but also provide you with smart control through all the latest technology, ensuring 100% fulfillment of all details of the arrangements on both sides
Become a member of the first decentralized international Jewish Contact List
Purpose of the club
The club's mission
We look forward to seeing you among the international decentralized list of Jewish contacts
24/6 Jewish Communication